I love my Hitgrips. I think they are very beneficial for your swing. They take the sting away from when you hit the ball, and they helped increase my batting speed. Three out of the four girls, including myself, who have hit a home run this season have used hit grips. I couldn’t bat without them anymore.
— Laci
I like that Hitgrips give me the confidence when I go up to the plate, they help me have the correct grip on my bat and get me in the mindset of the correct form in my swing.
— Erica
HITGRIP’s help my bat speed and hand placement, and they keep me from overthinking when I hit. I haven’t played a game without them and they are the cheapest of all of my softball gear.
— Kait
My daughter, a high school freshman softball player began using Hitgrips about 6 months ago. Almost immediately, I saw her bat speed begin to increase. After a short time, her bat control and consistency was very apparent. 2 months ago we added the Hitgrip gloves as well. Over these 6 months, her speed, control and consistency has just been amazing. To watch videos before she used Hitgrips, compared to videos now, the results are just astounding. I would recommend HITGRIP’s to softball players of any age and level.
— Amanda (Mom)
I love my Hitgrips (especially with the Hitgrip gloves)! I’ve been using them for about six months now and I’ve been hitting better than ever. I had issues with not lining my knuckles up right while gripping the bat and also gripping the bat very firmly. Hitgrips have definitely helped with both of those issues because of how evident it made them and how they forced my hands to do the right thing while holding my bat. Just like I said before, I’m hitting very well; the balls go much farther and there is much more power behind them. I would recommend Hitgrips to any softball/baseball/golf player.
— Delaney